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Nanako (菜々子, Nanako)


Nanako is an average teenage girl with short, brown hair and brown eyes. She is mostly seen in her school uniform, usually hanging out with Yamato and her friends.


Initially, she was a judgmental person. When she saw Suna, she fell in love with his good looks while quickly judging Takeo, who was her friend Rinko's boyfriend, as a giant gorilla and not at all cool like how she described him. She even talked bad about him behind Rinko's back. However, after Takeo saved her from a fire, she quickly changed her opinion of him, realizing what a good person he is and has stated she likes Takeo as a person. However, she seems to be getting less judgemental as she has taken interest in Osamu, whose appearance didn't initially attract her and with whom she was initially annoyed with and agreed to date him, quickly becoming happy and lovey dovey with him. She appears to be easily annoyed, as shown when she was grossed out by Osamu's comment about her having nice legs. She is also rather impatient at times and can be stubborn and hard headed. She has even described herself as somewhat who is not cute, can't bake, is not honest about her feelings, and can be hard to get along with. She can be somewhat insecure, as shown when she repeatedly waited for a sign that Osamu liked her but he kept remaining oblivious and was upset when he didn't save her from some scary men and instead called Takeo for help. However, after he proves how much he cares for her and asks her out, she accepts and has become very happy and lovey dovey. She also seemed somewhat jealous of how happy Rinko was with Takeo as she believed she couldn't receive that much happiness but after getting into a relationship with Osamu and going farther with him than Rinko had with Takeo (she kissed Osamu but Takeo and Rinko who have been dating longer haven't even done that), she acted comically superior to Rinko, stating she would give her advice and seemed to enjoy it (thoguh not maliciously). She is supportive of her friends, as she came up with an excuse about why Rinko didn't come home late to her parents so Rinko could be alone with Takeo and could be nosy in their relationship.



  • She is Osamu Kurihara's girlfriend as of volume 5.


  • Out of all of Rinko's friends, she seems to stand out the most from the group as having the most individualistic personality, while the others tend to react and talk more in a group and are yet to be seen with individual personalities.
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