Maki Gouda

剛田 真希


Gouda Maki




February 3 (Aquarius)


approx. 9 lbs

Hair Color


Eye Color


Personal Status



Yuriko Gouda (mother)
Yutaka Gouda (father)
Takeo Gouda (older brother)

First Appearance
Anime Debut

Episode 19

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  • Maki Gouda (剛田 真希, Gouda Maki) is Takeo's younger sister. She was born in episode 19 and appears to have inherited the family's passion.

Appearance Edit

She has small dark eyes, plump lips like her mother, and dark, spiky hair which Takeo states makes her look like a Saiyan. Her birth weight is 4200 grams, which puts her at just over 9 pounds, only a few ounces lighter than Takeo's birth weight of 4300 grams.

Personality Edit

Maki seems to be very cheerful. Maki also seems to be very active, as she tends to move around a lot. She may have good intuitive understanding of people, such as when she responded amiably to Takeo when he talked about Valentine's Day and hoped that Yamato would give him some chocolates.

Relationships Edit

Makoto Sunakawa Edit

On the day Maki was born, Sunakawa was present. When Takeo noticed the soft look Sunakawa had on his face as he looked at Maki, Takeo told him that he would not mind if the two got married. Sunakawa declined as he noted their big age gap of 16 years.

Sunakawa enthusiastically teaches Maki English words and plays with her. Meanwhile, Maki seems to be fond of Sunakawa, which was displayed when she and Yuriko bumped into him on their way to the grocery store. Maki leaned forward towards Sunakawa and held onto his shirt and touched his face, despite her mother telling her she could play with their neighbour later. Maki also tries to pronounce Sunakawa's name by saying "Una." Sunakawa has offered to babysit Maki on Yuriko's behalf, and comments on her fast development, such as being able to walk when she is about seven months old. Sunakawa has acknowledged Maki's resemblance to her brother, which has had him smile. Perhaps due to Maki's cheerfulness (which resembles her brother), Sunakawa feels comfortable talking about Takeo and telling her his feelings, such as when he admitted to feeling lonely when he thinks that Takeo may not need him anymore.

It is possible that due to his close friendship with Takeo, Sunakawa views Maki as a baby sister who he will witness grow up. Seeing that Maki is the only character that Sunakawa has comfortably confided in, it is possible that they will continue to have this type of relationship as she grows up. Overall, Maki and Sunakawa interact comfortably as neighbors.

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