My Friend
Episode 08
Episode Info
Kanji オレのトモダチ
Romaji Ore no Tomodachi
Air Date May 28, 2015
Episode Direction Shimazaki Nanako
Storyboard Ushijima Shin`ichirou
Screenplay Takahashi Natsuko
Animation Direction Iwaoka Yuuko, Matsumoto Fumio
Episode Chronology
Episode 7 Episode 9

My Friend (オレのトモダチ, Ore no Tomodachi) is the 8th episode of Ore Monogatari anime.



Yamato's birthday is fast approaching, and Takeo plans out their birthday date with Suna's help. Sensing something amiss with Suna, Yamato suggests inviting Suna to their date, but Suna says that he has something he needs to do that day...


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