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My Wish
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Episode Info
Kanji 俺のネガイ
Romaji Ore no Negai
Air Date May 14, 2015
Episode Direction Tanaka Tomoya
Storyboard Sakata Jun`ichi
Screenplay Takagi Seiko
Animation Direction Kanno Tomoyuki
Episode Chronology
Episode 5 Episode 7

My Wish (俺のネガイ, Ore no Negai) is the 6th episode of Ore Monogatari anime.



Now that he has a girlfriend for the first time in his life, Takeo has been treating Yamato with kid gloves. But Yamato's been acting unhappy of late, which leads Ai to believe that Yamato's hiding something from Takeo. What is Yamato's secret, and what will Ai do once she finds out what it is...?