My Chocolate
Episode 20
Episode Info
Kanji 俺のチョコレート
Romaji Ore no Chokorēto
Air Date August 20, 2015
Episode Direction Takahashi Tooru, Nagahama Norihiko
Storyboard Sayama Kiyoko
Screenplay Takagi Seiko
Animation Direction Matsumoto Fumio, Fukiyo Takaaki, Kouketsu Masumi, Takeshima Teruko, Shigeuchi Yuuki
Episode Chronology
Episode 19 Episode 21

My Chocolate (俺のチョコレート, Ore no Chokorēto) is the 20th episode of Ore Monogatari anime.



Takeo is over the moon over his new little sister, Maki. With Valentine's Day approaching, Takeo's heart is set aflutter again since he has never gotten chocolates from a girl who liked him in his life. He can't wait to see what Yamato will give him, but...


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