My Disciple
Episode 16
Episode Info
Kanji 俺の弟子
Romaji Ore no Deshi
Air Date July 23, 2015
Episode Direction Hosokawa Hideki, migmi
Storyboard Takahashi Tooru
Screenplay Takahashi Natsuko
Animation Direction Katsuki Kunio, Wakatsuki Aiko, Kawada Izumi, Haga Hitoshi, Kanemori Yoshinori, Tamaki Rie
Episode Chronology
Episode 15 Episode 17

My Disciple (俺の弟子, Ore no deshi) is the 16th episode of Ore Monogatari anime.



Saijou Mariya tells Takeo that she likes him "as a person" after falling for Takeo, knowing full well that he already has a girlfriend. Being dense, Takeo takes her words literally, but what will he do once he finds out how she really feels?


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