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My Story
Episode 01.png
Episode Info
Kanji 俺のものがたり
Romaji Ore no Monogatari
Air Date April 9, 2015
Episode Direction Watanabe Kotono
Storyboard Asaka Morio
Screenplay Takahashi Natsuko
Animation Direction Hamada Kunihiko (Chief), Katsuki Kunio, Hamada Kunihiko
Episode Chronology
← N/A Episode 2

My Story (俺のものがたり, Ore no Monogatari) is the 1st episode of Ore Monogatari anime.



After the graduation ceremony, Takeo went to confess to Satou, who he fell in love with, but he finds her confessing to Suna. Suna rejects her, however, and Takeo goes in shock. They both walk to the train station to catch a ride home. Suna mentions there's a molester over in the corner. Takeo grabs the molester and saves Yamato. Yamato gives a thank you to Takeo and Takeo falls in love with Yamato. At the police station, they explain what happens. The molester then mocks Yamato for her skirt for being short. This angers Takeo and he punches the molester in front of the cop. He got suspended. Suna comes over and hands him his notes. Then Yuriko says Yamato wants to see Takeo. Takeo has no idea who Yamato is but Suna mentions that he should clean his room. Takeo panics and starts cleaning. Yamato was already in his room though. Suna begins to leave but Yamato stops him. Takeo then gets mistaken that she actually likes Suna. Yamato gives them both cheesecake to eat. When she is about to leave, she purposefully leaves her cellphone. Later, she calls her cell to tell Takeo to meet up with her to give back her cell. They meet at the park and this time, she brought macaroons. Takeo then stares at her wondering why she is always blushing. He runs to the bathroom and comes back soaked in water. Suna and Yamato wipes it off him. They all head home but Yamato came running back for Takeo's email. Takeo gives Yamato his towel since she was all sweaty and his email. Yamato gives a thank you to Takeo and leaves. Takeo then decides to be her cheerleader.