Ai Sunakawa
Ai Sunakawa

砂川 愛


Sunakawa Ai





Hair Color

Strawberry Blonde

Eye Color


Professional Status

University Student

Personal Status

Makoto Sunakawa (brother)
Unnamed Mother and Father

First Appearance
Manga Debut

Chapter 2

Japanese Voice

Kikuko Inoue

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Ai Sunakawa (砂川 愛, Sunakawa Ai) is Makoto's older sister and a college student. Takeo mentions that she, like her brother, is a great and kindhearted person.


She is very beautiful. She looks a lot like a female version of Suna. She has long wavy strawberry blond hair and wears very stylish clothing that compliments her figure.


Like Suna, she is a kind person. While a calm person, she is more in tune with her emotions, becoming emotional fast and being a very expressive person in general. a very intelligent, observant person like Suna. Also hinted that she has crush on Takeo but she doesn't appears it on other hand he just sees her as friend's sister and sometimes asks her for advice While somewhat confrontational and harsh, she is actually a very sweet person who looks out for others, especially those she cares for and is extremely helpful and selfless. She is also very responsible, not liking it when others slack off and scolding those who she feels need to get their act together.


She is Suna's older sister by three years. Her father was worried when she was born because he had a weak heart and hoped she would be okay. When he learned she was born healthy, he was ecstatic. She grew up in a loving home. When Takeo was younger, Suna's sister would treat him like family and watch out for him, telling him his clothes were backward and wiping his face. She has had a crush on Takeo ever since he was in third grade and she was in sixth grade. When she was younger, she was tall and thin and compared to an ugly statue called "the Image of the Growing Child" which was at the courtyard of her elementary school and the boys bullied her, nicknaming her "Image of Growing". However, Takeo didn't think she looked like that but instead believed she looked like a white lily (he didn't know the name of the flower but pointed to it) and that she was beautiful. She decided to wait until he was in university to confess her feelings as she was three years older but by that time Takeo had already begun dating Yamato.





The two are sharing a good friendship, since they were young Ai was always care about Takeo and look after him, it's also hinted that she has crush on him since long time and when she learned from Suna that he got a girlfriend she really got mad, even couldn't believe it and she said " there's no way anyone other than me could ever fall on him " then she asked her brother to go and see Takeo girlfriend in order to check out if that girl really likes Takeo or not.


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